Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Bold Bluff Nature Diary

Snow is Gone, Eagles are Here

From: Tamar
Date: 2/5/02
Time: 11:53:35 AM
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Last week we had a lovely snow fall and Bold Bluff was covered in white! The whole island looked like a ski resort in the high mountains, with thick snow bending down the fir and cedar trees. There are lots of eagles around, feeding on herring and preparing their nests. I saw 12 eagles perched on Bold Bluff trees and rocks one morning: 6 adults with their snow white heads and 6 young brown ones. Two Common Golden-eye male ducks harrassed a male Hooded Merganser in Bold Bluff Cove! They both dove straight for the merganser who beat a hasty retreat flapping wings on the water. The golden-eyes must have been feeling their oats. And there wasn't even a female duck in the cove to show off to. The owls are nesting now and you can hear them hoot at night. The snow drops are emerging from the winter s earth and tiny buds appear on the plum and maple trees - a sure promise of spring.

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