Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Excitement in Sansum Narrows

From: 3/2/02
Date: 3/3/02
Time: 8:15:06 AM
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I just returned from a week in Port Townsend, WA attending a Gumboot Dance Workshop with 7 people from Salt Spring Island. We danced our feet off - 5 hours a day - doing yoga, modern dance and gumboot dancing. I'm sore all over, but feeling very alive. My daughter, Maya, held down the fort here while I was away. I returned to Bold Bluff in the early afternoon Saturday. It was HEAVEN being home with the crocus blooming, the smell of seaweed and salt air, the sparkle of the blue ocean, and 12 eagles sitting royally on the bluff - one right over the walkway as we docked the M/V Bold Bluff.

Our neighbours across the Narrows were charging up 3 deep cell batteries, as they have no electricity or roads on this stretch of the east coast of Vancouver Island. They joined us for a cup of tea on the blue killer whale and mermaid porch with their little one-eyed poodle, Pop-Eye. A friend of Maya's hit the tennis ball over the bank far onto the beach for eager Gyp who raced down to fetch the ball and return with muddy paws, panting, pink tongue lolling out, big ears up and eager to go again, and again, and again! Our guests in the Garden Cottage returned from a visit to Ganges and I performed Gumboot dancing for them, stomping on the porch until it shook. Everyone dispersed and I was just going into my bath when I heard Gyp bark as if something were the matter. One should never ignore a dog's barking, so I poked my head out to see 2 men approaching our log house on foot. It was as if they had dropped from the heavens. Who? How? What?

Their sailboat engine had quit and they had limped to our dock under sail. I told them flat out that they were stuck here for the night as I wasn't going to tow them anywhere in the evening! "You might as well come to dinner and stay the night!" I exclaimed, totally delighted by this impromptu visit. We cooked up a giant batch of pesto (made from our basil we grew last summer and our walnuts) and a salad, and served them apple crumbly with whipped cream for desert. Here I had to remind them that they had to sing for their supper, and after a big "gulp" one said he could tell a story and the other offered shoulder massages, so we sighed a big sigh of relief, and said, "In that case, you can stay!"

This is Sunday morning and they are stuck here for half the day tinkering with their motor. The plan is that they will leave their sailboat (called the Tao Way) here and return in a week with the parts. Ah, the excitement of "Life in the Narrows"! This morning at 6 am the plump moon high and bright in the dark sky, shone a brilliant patch of platinum on the sea. It was breath-takingly magical. It's 0 degrees C, and frosty. Burgoyne Bay was smothered in fog this morning and the sunlight shone through in spots illuminating the clouds. It promises to be another glorious day at Bold Bluff Retreat. Cheers, Tamar

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