Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

March Snow and Salt Spring Dollars

From: 3/8/02
Date: 3/9/02
Time: 8:20:09 AM
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Woke this morning to a world of swirling snowflakes and real snow sticking on the ground. Everything was awash in white! It looked like you shook a glass ball and turned it upside down with a scene of winter snow in it - remember those from childhood? We were ecstatic! As Earth rolled over and shook off her morning blanket, the sky turned blue, the sun shone, and still the snow continued to flurry from some mysterious place in the heavens. I fed the birds a mix of nuts and seeds and flocks of chickadees and towees feasted, hopping up and down in the snow. The orchard is a song of robins busy constructing nests and varied thrush. I walked through the snow-dappled woods to Salty's Cabin with Gyp trotting ahead of me. Crunchy snow was underfoot, and little piles of snow was captured on the dark green oval salal leaves that line the path. My cheeks, nose and chin were pleasantly cold. In the evening I picked up guests for the Garden Cottage and promptly turned around to go to Artspring where Birgit Bateman had the opening of her incredible photography exhibit, and the Salt Spring $10 and $20 Dollar Bills were unveiled. Do you know that Salt Spring has its own MONEY designed by local artists? It is on par with the Canadian Dollar and is distributed by all the local island banks. It has a state of the art counterfeit protection, is a "collector's" item and what stays out of circulation (there is a 3 year expiration date on the bills)will go to charity on the island. The first project will be a great bus transportation system to help alleviate the conjestion of cars on Saltspring. When you come to Bold Bluff Retreat, you will be able to change some of your dollars for the gorgeous Salt Spring Dollars and spend it as REAL MONEY on our island or keep it as a collectible item. Robert Bateman, famous wildlife artist, is designing the $100 bill!

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