Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Bold Bluff Nature Diary

Spring is Bursting and Killer Whale Sighting

From: April 4, 2002
Date: 4/4/02
Time: 7:22:59 AM
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Here the daffodils are in full bloom, shaking their gay heads in the wind along the edge of the cove, the white and pink plum blossoms are a giant cloud of sweet scent bursting with a breath of surprise against all that dense forest green and liquid blue sky (when the sun is out). The bees are buzzing drunkenly in the heather and blossoms, there is the faintest hint of fairy green on the native bushes and trees, while the weeping willows are a riot of gold. The gardens are freshly ploughed and tiny seeds planted in the greenhouse promise to grow in the riot of spring. Ten Killer Whales were seen swimming right by Bold Bluff going North last week! A friend spotted them from the top of Mt. Maxwell. I wish I could have seen them! They probably were Transients, as our local killer whales are hanging out in the San Juan Islands these days. Have you heard that there are 2 baby killer whales totally alone and separated from their families on our coast? This is a first in the 30 years study our biologists have been conducting on the coast. They both seem to be doing all right, and they are fending for themselves catching fish. One hangs out along the Vashon Ferry toute in WA state, and the other little whale is in a deserted cove along the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Scientests are debating what to do about these little ones.

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