Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

River Otter Eats Cod

From: Tamar
Date: 5/28/02
Time: 6:44:33 PM
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Hi Noah and Oliver, I am thrilled that you like my Nature Diary! Here is another amazing story from Bold Bluff Retreat. This afternoon a river otter was lounging about on the big rock in our cove, eating a cod fish that was half its size. The otter got about half of it eaten when it pooped out and fell asleep. No sooner was it asleep than a big Bald Eagle swooped down from a fir tree on the edge of the cove and grabbed the remains of the fish in its sharp yellow talons, waking the otter who was quite stunned, shaking its head as if to say: "Where is my FISH? I KNEW I had a fish here!"

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