Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Summer Solstice and Springer the Orphaned Orca Calf

From: Tamar
Date: 6/22/02
Time: 3:20:35 PM
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Yesterday was the summer solstice and what a glorious day it was - so HOT, sunny and clear! I hiked out to our place from the Burgoyne Bay Government Wharf with my dog, Gyp - it took nearly 2 hours as I stopped to take photos and enjoy the wonderful scents of dry forest, moss and ocean. The mud flat bay is full of crunchy oysters covered in barnacles and the most gorgeous empty purple and lavendar clam shells I've ever seen!

It's Moon Snail Heaven, too. The tide was rising and I had to climb over several barnacle-covered trees that have fallen from the bank onto the beach as the tide was rapidly lapping up the branches. But I made it to the end of the beach where I scrambled up a steep bank and found the deer trail through the woods near the ocean. It was heavenly hearing the robins and crows, and smelling the sweet scent of dry arbutus leaves and cedar on the ground.

When I got to Salty's Cabin, and no one was there, I jumped into the ocean for a refreshing dunk with a hot shower after. In the evening, I went up to the Tipi site and sat on the wooden bench, listening to the night hawks swooshing down the sky after insects, the sea lions splashing in the Narrows and the waves lapping the rocks. A plump moon rose crystal clear in the bright blue evening sky, spreading a soft light on the sea. Gyp lay down at my feet.

Have you heard of the orphaned Kille Whale, named "Springer" who has been hanging out at Vashon Island? The scientists have captured her to test her for her health, and the hope is that she is healthy enough to return her to Johnstone Straights in Canada where her family has just arrived. If she is deemed NOT healthy enough (and one of the Vets looking after her is a Sea World Vet who may be keen to take her into captivity) she may be captured for a life in a tank. Please keep your ears and eyes open for news about this little whale! Thanks.

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