Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Seal eats Salmon and the "Free Willy" Orca in Iceland

Date: 8/5/02
Time: 7:33:41 PM
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We hiked the mossy bluff so dry now in the heat of the summer, with the crinkly arbutus leaves scattered all over, and gazed at the spectacular scene far below of Sansum Narrows winding its way between Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island. Below, we spotted a seal with a fish in its mouth, and close by was another seal, watching the bounty carefully. Soon it dove and then both seals were under - tugging the meal? A 12 year old boy with us saw one seal surface and finish dinner close to shore.

Springer, the 2 year old orphan orca, is swimming with her family! This is an amazing success story. And Keiko, the orca that was captured at 2 years old, and that played in the film "Free Willy" has been returned to his home in Iceland, where he has been adjusting to life in the wild - he is just now spending more time out with the wild whales, which is fabulous news.

We now have one lonely whale in captivity - Lolita - from L pod in the Southern Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands of Washington State. She has performed for 32 years in a tiny tank, which is in Florida. She can have babies and hopefully she will be returned to her home where she can help her species recover from the brink of extinction. I can't remember if I mentioned that recently the NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) refused to enlist the Southern Resident Killer Whales as an Endangered Species, because they felt that if they die out, there will be other whales (Transients) that will move into their territory. How totally absurd and short-sighted! These whales have their own dialects and social customs and they are very complex. It's appalling.

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