Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Back from NY and Rescue in Sansum Narrows

Date: 9/2/02
Time: 8:27:38 AM
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I just returned from taking my daughter to University in upstate New York, where it is proclaimed that this year is the first year that the human population has exceeded the cow population! It is lovely farm country with rolling green meadows filled with delicate Queen Anne's Lace, Golden Rod and Cat Tails along the swampy ponds. There are many old barns and acres and acres of rolled up hay along the side of country roads. An entirely different landscape from the Coast where I come from. But oh my! Was it HEAVEN to return home!

To smell the salt air and hear the ravens call! To see the masses and masses of sunflowers in bloom in our orchard (just ready to burst open when I left). Two wonderful men, Harry and Brad, who had been repeated guests at Salty's Cabin over the years, took care of Bold Bluff Retreat while I was away, and they did a magnificent job! It was fun watching Brad drive the boat just like a Pro (i.e. as well as I!!!) when he picked me up at the Burgoyne Bay Government Wharf. We had a lark going home due to a commical scene on the Government Wharf.

About half of China was on the wharf, one young woman talking on a walkie talkie in Chinese to 2 friends who were sinking out in the Narrows in a rubber raft. She needed a ride QUICK to rescue them, explaining that they had phoned her on their walkie talkie to say that a shark had torn a hole in their rubber dinghy and the air was quickly seeping out of their ship! It was windy, the waves were big and they couldn't row back to the safety of the wharf. We scanned the bay and finally spotted a bit of yellow way out in the Narrows and quickly came along side the 2 young Chinese men sitting comfortably down in the bottom of their dinghy, fishing poles hanging over the sides of the plump rubber raft (I had had visions of the boat being drained FLAT out of air and the 2 men hanging on for dear life in the limp wreckage from a shark bite (dog fish))grinning from ear to ear, and laughing - maybe a bit embarrassed.

We turned off our engine and had them row like mad to catch up with our boat, hauled the men, gear and dinghy onto our boat and whisked them back to the Government Wharf at Burgoyne Bay. One man asked sheepishly, "Have you rescued people before?" and I replied, laughing, "Oh, yes! MANY times!" and I gave them a thorough lecture about how insane it was to be out in Sansum Narrows in a little rubber dinghy. "It was calm when we left at 9 am this morning!" they pleaded. Well, it was now 2 PM and the wind had picked up and the current is swift and even boils into whirlpools at times - it is a place for deep respect for the power of the ocean. It is fine to be out in a kayak or a motor boat, but a rubber dinghy? We returned with big cheers from their friends and family (half of China) who were waiting on the wharf, and a promise that they would stay at Bold Bluff Retreat next visit to our beloved island.

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