Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Killer Whales at Bold Bluff Retreat

Date: 9/14/02
Time: 4:54:46 PM
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Yesterday our guests in Salty's Cabin were lucky enough to be in Cowichan Bay just south of Bold Bluff Point in the afternoon when they were treated to a magnificent display of orcas feeding as the salmon gather to go upstream. Lucky guys! Was I ever envious! Apparently the whales went right by our place at 10:30 that morning, and I didn't even see or hear them. It shows how alert one must be to catch a glimpse of these great mammals, and I just wonder how frequently they go by without my knowing.

Last night, though, being alert that whales were nearby, I stepped out on our blue porch at 10PM, and heard the whales blow. They were right by our dock! I raced down to the wharf and sat on our bench to listen to their breaths echoing against the steep cliffs of Vancouver Island across the Narrows and their tails slapping the surface like gunshots. The half moon hung orange above the Narrows and spilled a silver light over the black satin sea. The whale breaths drowned out the crickets, but once they swam around Bold Bluff, masses of tiny fish bubbled the surface of the cove and the singing crickets filled the soft, warm night air. I returned home overwhelmed by the mystery of a night with whales.

This is the first time I simply couldn't bring myself to chase after them in my boat. I hadn't the heart to break the awesome night sounds with my engine. This morning at 6AM the whales went by again! Opening the door I heard them blowing all around, raced down to the wharf with Gyp trotting beside me, and sat on the bench to soak up the priviledge of being in the company of whales once again. The steep cliffs of Vancouver Island across the Narrows were reflected in a perfect upside down image in the ocean. It was still quite dark, so I could only soak up the sounds of their breathing and chasing prey. I haven't a clue if these were Residents, Transients or Off-Shore Killer Whales, but am trying to find out.

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