Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Foggy Weather

Date: 1/27/03
Time: 5:23:49 PM
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We've had a couple of real adventures at Bold Bluff! One night last week, my yoga teacher and neighbour, Gay, and my daughter, Maya, took a Yoga class at the Barn and when we arrived at Burgoyne Bay in the dark to go home in the trusty Motor Vessel "Bold Bluff" it was FOGGY! So foggy you could barely make out the dark snake of a shadow of the South shore of Burgoyne Bay and the hazy moon glowing through the fog high up. All else was a "white-out". I was all for packing it in and spending the night with a friend, as my compass didn't work and I have learned through experience that the scariest times in my boat are in the FOG - not stormy weather.

Gay and Maya had a different idea - they love a challenge and adventure! So, reluctantly, I decided to "give it a try". Well, BIG MISTAKE! No sooner had we gotten "out there" than the shoreline vanished and we hadn't the foggiest notion where we were. It was like navigating through a steamed up mirror. Maya yelled "Turn to the LEFT!" And I KNEW she was NUTS and turned more to the RIGHT. (Afraid of colliding with the south shore and then we'd really be in a mess!) After a few moments of eternal silence, Gay yelled, "I see land over there! It's the NORTH SHORE!" I yelled, "What the Hell, where ARE we??**##@@" We kept going. What else could we do? We were totally swallowed up in the fog and couldn't stay out there, what if a big SHIP came by? More eternal moments and I beamed my searchlight and it struck a gleaming white sailboat anchored in the bay. My God, we did a 360 degree turn in the bay! But where was the Government dock? "Whose sailboat is that?

A heated discussion followed - Maya was hungry. Gay wanted to get home and to find a hand-help compass so at least we could navigate in the vague direction of South. I was dubious and asserted my rights of the final decision as Captain of the Fair Ship. We decided to go to the Fulford Inn to see if any guys had a compass we could borrow. So here we 3 ladies go, stumbling into the steamy bar with guys playing pool and watching ice hockey on TV, and munching pizza, and we ask all present: "Do any of you have a hand held compass? We got LOST in the FOG!" One fellow in his 70's jumps up grinning and says, "I have FIVE compasses on 5 different boats, but they are not with me!" Another fellow says, "I have a GPS in my car and I'll check to see if I have a compass". (No luck). Maya says, "Where but Salt Spring Island would you go to a bar and the men would have compasses!"

We order a gooey pile of chips with guacamole and sour cream (just what we needed after a great Yoga Class!) and after an hour of laughter, drove down to the bay again to check out the situation. The fog was thicker, even! You could see the moon, the tide was WAY out, almost to Steve's houseboat, and the gang plank steep and the pilings tall, eerie in the moonlit fog. We all agreed" NO WAY. Gay couldn't reach her 13 year old son, Misha, and she figured he was so wrapped up in computer games that he didn't even know she wasn't home! We spent the night at friends, Gay and I sharing one bed, and we both had the wildest most vivid dreams - probably in the sphere of each other's energy. Gay dreamt of the biggest most gargantuan crocodile eating killer whale with people dancing on its back, and I dreamt of a toddler Buddah girl whom I picked up and carried around in a crowd and was amazed by the wisdom that came out of her mouth but then I put her down and lost her and felt awful.

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