Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Spring in Paradise

Date: 3/30/03
Time: 1:46:55 PM
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Spring is bursting at Bold Bluff Retreat! The air is sweet with the scent of plum blossoms, daffodils form a riot of dancing yellow along the cove's edge and in the gardens, the male hummingbirds have returned from their long flight south and are eagerly flitting around the red currant and unfurling pale yellow maple blossoms.

The winter ducks (Mergansers, Golden-Eyes) are feeling the spring urge and making all sorts of displays and noises in the cove before they depart to their nesting grounds. The frogs are singing in the pond, the woodpeckers are tapping and calling in the forest, the owls hoot at night, and the skunk cabbage is a briliant yellow in the swamp. (I love the acrid scent of skunk cabbage, our Salt Spring tulips!!)

Last week I counted 21 Bald Eagles sitting regally on our moss-covered bluff! There were many more young brown speckled eagles than adults. It was breathtaking as I passed by the bluff in my boat. And yes, a group of 4 Orca went by Bold Bluff Wednesday, March 26th, seen by my neighbour and not me. They were probably Transients, who eat other marine mammals. And we have plenty of seals around the bluff for a tasty meal! We also have a humungous sea lion who loves to spend the day sleeping on its side while drifting past the cove - its flipper waving in the breeze and taking a breath of air every 10-12 seconds. Back and forth it goes, looking very much like a fanciful piece of uprooted tree. Years ago, we had a sea lion who decided it liked our dock, and all 2,000 pounds of it hauled out, tipping our dock precariously. I could never sneak up close enough to get a good photo.

Salty's Cabin is open now, and our first guests arrive today. I've had a challenge getting the water system going. It appears as if the pump does not have a check valve, so 500 gallons of water drains out within 2 hours. Not being a practical problem-solver, I've torn my hair out trying to solve the problem, gotten thoroughly drenched and frustrated in the process. I am now filling the tank and shutting off the water that supplies the pump, so at least our guests will have water this weekend. Life is never simple in Paradise!

The dream of living in isolation is very different from the reality. But I still love it here and wouldn't change it for the world. I hope you are enjoying the glorious spring wherever you are! Our freedom and life is so precious.

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