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Date: 4/13/03
Time: 8:54:44 AM
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Lucky Guests from Toronto! On Wednesday, April 2 (the day I am ALWAYS in the village) they were out in their double kayak watching a playful river otter by the dock. It would dive under the dock and they claim they could hear it munching crab legs and shells (I don't know if River Otters eat crabs....). Three curious seals popped up near by and gazed at them with their soulful big brown eyes, whiskered snouts and beguiling smiles. Our guests were enthralled! And in the process, they had drifted quite a ways out into the Narrows. The ocean was glassy calm. Suddenly the seals vanished and the young couple from Toronto heard the tell-tale WHOOSH of whale breaths and were surrounded by a pod of whales travelling south, not in a hurry and not feeding either. Two babies JUMPED right out of the water! Fortunately they had a camera and took a few photos so we might be able to identify this pod by sending the photos to Graeme Ellis at the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo, BC. Will keep you posted. If any of you are interested in learning more about the orca in the Pacific North West, check out the websites: and There has been a brand new baby born to J-Pod which is exciting news as this pod has been in serious decline since 1996. The proud Mom is Blossom, J-11.

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