Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Bold Bluff Nature Diary

Orca Swim by Bold Bluff Retreat

Date: 4/20/03
Time: 8:36:33 AM
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On Thursday morning April 10th a pod of our local Resident whales went by Bold Bluff Retreat in the early morning. This was J-Pod, who just had a new baby born to Mom, "Blossom". Every birth is important to our Resident Whales, as their population has declined 20% in the past 5 years due to pollution, lack of food (salmon, mainly)and maybe even harrassment from well-meaning people in boats who get too close to the whales when they are feeding and disrupt the pods. I didn't see these whales, but they were reported in Maple Bay Thursday April 10th at 7:30 am, travelling North, and they were reported travelling South from Nanaimo Thursday evening. I've kept my eager eyes peeled for them but somehow they slipped by and they are now in the San Juan Islands, USA. What a sight they would be! You have to be WATCHING and LISTENING in order to see them - or you have to be lucky and just happen to be out in your boat.

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