Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Gyp's Birthday - Our faithful Bold Bluff Dog!

Date: 8/9/03
Time: 9:04:00 AM
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Yesterday, August 8, was Gyp's 9th Birthday. I guess that makes him about 63 years old. And what a rambunctious, lively "puppy" he still is, (albeit with a gray snout!) endlessly entertaining and engaging our guests from age 83 to age 1. His favourite game is "ball" but there are so many variations to this game! When children jump on the trampoline, they throw the ball for him and he races after it, bringing it right back by putting his front paws on the edge of the trampoline and gently releasing the ball so it rolls into the center by their feet. I hit the ball over the roof with a tennis racket and hide as he races to fetch it. He then has to sniff me out, which he always does (I must give out a pretty pungeant odor for a dog!)It's always a thrill to hide from Gyp! He plays "baseball" with children, as the "out-fielder": We set up the 3 bases, hit the ball as far as we can and the children race around the bases trying to beat Gyp "Home".... Whoever gets home first "wins". Yesterday, his birthday, we played Hide-and-go-seek with him in the living-room. He hides behind the piano and is instructed not to "peek" while we go about the living-room spreading our scent all over the place to confuse him, then we tuck the ball into the wood pile, the book shelf, the dining bench, behind a cutain on the windowsill, in a boot or even under a cusheon, and call good boy out. He eagerly races out, tail wagging and sniffs the entire living-room, standing on his hind legs to get higher in case we've put it beyond his reach, sniff-sniff! going to all the places we've been and finally triumphantly bringing us his slobbery ball. Back again behind the piano, Go Back, Lie Down, and don't you DARE PEEK, Gyp! (He doesn't). If you think THAT is brilliant, listen to THIS! We had a delightful wife and young husband with snow white hair stay with us in our B&B on Gyp's Birthday. The fellow totally adores dogs, and he sat down on the dock as he arrived, rubbing Gyp's tummy and behind his ears and thoroughly "bonding" with Gyp. He played tennis with Gyp on the lawn and hide-and-go-seek with him in the house in the evening. Gyp ADORED this man! The next morning, Gyp's real birthday, the man again played tennis with Gyp, but he made the mistake of hitting the ball over our upside down rowboat into the wild horsetail, tall grass and thistle patch on the edge of our bank. Gyp had a heck of a time negotiating around the rowboat encroached with vigorous wild growth, finding his ball and retrieving it from the thistles, roses and blackberries. He refused to play with the man after that. He consistently brought the ball to his wife, even when the wife tossed the ball to her husband and HE threw it for Gyp, Gyp simply trotted by the fellow, big ears up, and dropped it at his wife's feet. Smart dog! No WAY was he going to risk giving it to the fellow who made such a boo-boo to throw it into the challenging thistles! Yesterday we had a sad event with Gyp. Shingo, a retired 65 year old Japanese Chemist, hit the ball over the bank into the high tide cove and Gyp raced down to the ocean to swim after it. Unfortunatley, it must have sunk. Gyp couldn't find it anywhere. Again and again he swam out looking here and there in circles, with no luck. Finally he simply sat on the edge of the beach forlornly staring at the ocean, and refusing to come to play. I came home to find dejected Gyp on the beach and a row of our Garden Cottage guests (one couple 83 years old!) on our walkway all watching Gyp. POOR BOY! I quickly fetched another ball and hit it over the bank to the delight of our guests who cheered when Gyp fetched the ball and brought it back to me. What a dream is Gyp! Every one who comes here ADORES this bright, intelligent, playful dog who loves interaction better than eating.

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