Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Challenges of Living at Bold Bluff

Date: 8/27/03
Time: 8:02:13 AM
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Well, I finally did it! I ran out of water last Thursday morning, Aug. 21st. Plumb OUT! Complacently, I thought we had an endless supply of that most precious commodity, blessing the steep mountain that gives and gives to us. Never thinking there was a limit to its gift! In fact, in the summers, I had given up checking the three 1,250 gallon water storage tanks placed in the tiny stream called Collins Brook (after the family who built Bold Bluff in the 1930's). And when one of our beloved repeat guests at Salty's Cabin watered the gorgeous arbutus tree growing up out of the deck (it was sadly wilting in the heat), and forgot to turn off the hose overnight and drained the 500 gallon water tank to the cabin, I replied, "Don't worry. We really have TONS of water!" Then guess what? I left our hose on overnight on Aug. 20th, and that was what did the final trick of draining our system. What a gigantic wake up call! Not since the 1960's have we had such a hot, dry summer. And our delicious spring water that oozes out of the mountain behind our house will not withstand my careless ways. So what did I do? With guests in the B&B, Cabin, Cottage and Tipi, we had to put strict rations on the water use. Everyone willingly complied! I've borrowed drinking water from my neighbours at Hope Point, filling up 7 gallon tanks at their dock and bringing them over by boat, I've taken one fantastic outdoor shower this week at my neighbour Gay's under lush wisteria and jasmine vines, I've bundled all our laundry off to Mrs Clean in Ganges and of course been careful in flushing the loo! Over the last 6 days, out water level has risen from 4 inches to 54 inches in the 3 tanks. GLORY BE! Once again we are full, but we can never again take our most precious water for granted. A woman phoned me from Toronto last week inquiring about booking and we chatted about the "Blackout" in Toronto and NY. Her profession is in renewable energy, and she said that she could have given 5,000 lectures on conserving electricity and they wouldn't have had the effect as that one blackout. Toronto has managed to conserve 25% use of electricity in a week. Seems as if that is exactly what happened to me - nothing could have brought home the necessity of conserving water as dramatically as running out!

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