Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Autumn at Bold Bluff

Date: 10/9/03
Time: 9:01:57 AM
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Autumn is here with its ever-changing weather patterns. We've had glorious crystal blue skies and days so hot we've had to jump into the ocean. I love these days, hanging the colourful flags of laundry on the line, barefoot, with the blue sky above, the sound of ravens dry wing-beats and the sight of the black birds carrying a big, juicey apple in their beak to a giant fir near the orchard, with the fuzzy round black walnuts underfoot dripping in a honey-like ooze and getting on my feet. The orchard is laden with fruit so thick that some branches touch the ground! I love stirring up gigantic pots of applesauce mixed with a bit of honey, and the heavenly scent in the steamed up kitchen. We've had foggy days dripping in condensation so thick you cannot tell where the sky ends and the sea begins - so foggy I dare not venture out in the boat! Spiders are spinning their webs and getting very fat! We've had rainy, blustery days which tear the copper maple leaves off their stems and scatter them on the ground. Days the waves are whipped up into frothy whitecaps with a gigantic perfect brilliant rainbow stretching over the Narrows. Days you want to curl up by the fire and knit. This is the season of change, the season you begin to treasure of the inner life, after the busy, bouncing energetic summer. Thanks to every one of our guests who have made Bold Bluff Retreat such a rich experience!

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