Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Gyp, our Beloved Bold Bluff Dog, is sick

Date: 2/3/04
Time: 5:54:09 PM
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Gyp was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer last Thursday. The Vet could not believe how "perky" and alert he appeared considering the test results, so Gyp was tested again on Friday, in case the lab report was wrong, and the results showed a rapid progression of leukemia.

This is SO SAD! Everyone who has been here loves our dog. One Vet, who was a guest last summer, commented that Gyp was "one in a thousand" for intelligence and relating to people.

I immediately tracked down a holistic Vet on Vancouver Island, who advised me to change his diet to a home-made concoction: he gets 2 and a half cups of organic ground beef or lamb, 2 and a half cups of wild salmon or tuna, 1 cup of leafy green veggies mixed with a tbs of cod liver oil, flaxseed oil and olive oil, plus a cup of organic bran. He LOVES it! It is so healthy, that I am eating it, too. (except the red meat)...

In addition, he is on other homeopathic and herbal medicines to retard the cancer growth and build up red blood cells. I am advised to just stay home, and be with him.

Sunday morning Gyp and I took a half hour walk in Burgoyne Bay, and he was a happy dog, big black ears straight up, tail wagging, eagerly sniffing all the enticing new scents of an unfamiliar neighbourhood. We walked in the fir and cedar forest dripping in melting snow, along the edge of the bay, crossed a stream on a little wooden bridge, and walked on the road near the old site of Camp Narnia where the big Norwegian work horses entertained children. It was drizzling, the young alders along the beach were festooned with liquid diamonds, and the mist curled around majestic Mt. Maxwell sprinkled in snow, rising steeply up from the sea. Twelve American Widgeons, 7 Common Merganzers, and a handful of Golden-Eye poked around the bay.

When we got home, Gyp wanted to play ball! I could hardly believe he was sick!

Yesterday, he tagged along behind me on a walk to Salty's Cabin, ears back, stopping here and there, but when I picked up a stick, he was all bounce and go - one big bundle of joy racing after the stick and bringing it back to my feet. Again and again!

So we must all prepare ourselves for the inevitable - Gyp's passing on to Doggy Heaven. Please, everyone who knows and loves Gyp, send him good thoughts. Thank you!

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