Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

Exquisite Crab Plankton

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Date: 02 Jun 2004
Time: 07:20:36


Yesterday I peered down into our huge wharf "aquariums" and saw to my delight tiny transparent creatures darting around with a big dark dot of internal organs in the center - crab plankton! The last time I saw this phenomenan was May 31, 1998, when a guest happened to look down and see thousands of tiny creatures swimming with 2 bright turquoise eyes! I fetched our microscope and we got a good look at these exquisite creations: complete with 8 perfect legs and two transparent pincers and a long "tail" to propel themselves along. I never would have seen them if it hadn't been for that observant guest! And here they are again, swarming around our pulsing white jellyfish aquariums, food for other critters, but some will make it to become real crabs on the floor of the ocean.

The baby barn swallows have flown. They are fluffy and sit on my scope on the front porch, so unafraid that I must keep Silver, our cat, locked in the basement and I can't ever let her slip out because she is a hunter supreme - at least she will be prisoner until the babies get their flying more secure.

The baby humming birds have flown out of their nests, too, and they are darling, so fluffy and tame sitting on the wires of our moss hanging baskets on our front porch, kind of looking around for mama. These birds are too swift for Silver to bother, and she knows it. She watches them, but makes no attempt to stalk them.

So, the earth is bursting with babies!

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