Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs 

January Snow Storm Offers Gift of Inactivity

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Date: 30 Jan 2005
Time: 09:22:28


As Earth rolled out of bed the morning of Jan. 7, 2005 and shook herself from night dreams, she stepped into a cold, magical world of snow on Salt Spring Island. It snowed and snowed and snowed for 2 days and 2 nights, covering Bold Bluff with 2 feet of white wonder.

Trees crashed down like pick up sticks under the weight of the snow, knocking out our power for 8 days, and our phone for 14 days. It was FUN - mainly because we had enough firewood to keep us warm (and plenty of layers of woolen winter underwear), our water is gravity fed to our house so we had running water, and we had enough food thawing in our freezer to last us awhile.

It was an amazing experience in our busy, high speed connected world, to STOP doing whatever it is that keeps me spinning in a thousand directions. To take long walks with my daughter and puppy through deep virgin snow, blazing our own trails and seeing where the deer and mice had been. To watch eagles soar in misty, snowy skies, their broad wings flapping. To watch our exuberant puppy, Daisy, pounce on snowballs. To keep the fire going. To light candles in the morning when it was still dark and there was nothing to do! Couldn't phone anyone, couldn't get caught up in e-mails or the computer, couldn't play CD's, couldn't answer urgent community issues for preserving our island. It was like going back in time, before telephones, where the only way to see anyone was to GO to their home, or meet on a walk down a country road.

All I could do for 8 days was stop my busy life and just be with my shepadoodle puppy, my 15-year old cat, and my daughter as long as she was here. We kept a big pot of water on our wood stove 24 hours a day, and cooked an apple crumbly and a pot of hearty soup on the wood stove, that lasted us a week.

It was with a mixture of sadness and relief that on January 14 at 5 PM our lights turned on, bringing me back to the easy flip-a-switch life we all take for granted. And when on January 22 our phone rang to alert us we were back in service, I cried out "No! Not yet! Please give me more time to enjoy this amazing gift of being disconnected from the busy world!"

So here I am, shaking myself from the dream of snow, looking at my life, and saying rather reluctantly, "Tamar, it is time to enter the REAL WORLD".

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