Salt Spring Island BC: Bold Bluff Nature Diary

Seasonal observations of an ever changing coastal landscape 
by Bold Bluff host Tamar Griggs

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Ocean Night Life  16 May 2005
Moonlit Camping on the Bluff  29 Apr 2005
January Snow Storm Offers Gift of Inactivity  30 Jan 2005
Life with Daisy, our Bold Bluff Puppy  22 Dec 2004
Gambling on the High Seas of Burgoyne Bay  12 Dec 2004
Bold Bluff Puppy Arrives!  13 Oct 2004
Exquisite Crab Plankton  02 Jun 2004
Surprise Morning: Baby Raccoons  01 May 2004
March Moon of the Frog Chorus  31 Mar 2004
Spring Equinox March 20  31 Mar 2004
Gyp Dies February 7, 2004  3/10/04
Gyp, our Beloved Bold Bluff Dog, is sick  2/3/04
Christmas at Bold Bluff  12/26/03
Sad news: Keiko the "Free Willy"  Whale died  12/23/03
Autumn at Bold Bluff  10/9/03
Extreme Fire Hazard Warnings and Bold Bluff Fire Drill  9/7/03
Bioluminescence - Ben's Birthday Gift  8/30/03
Challenges of Living at Bold Bluff  8/27/03
Gyp's Birthday - Our faithful Bold Bluff Dog!  8/9/03
Springer, the orca calf is back in Johnstone Straights  7/11/03
Octopus on Beach - A Devoted Mom Sad Story  5/7/03
Orca Swim by Bold Bluff Retreat  4/20/03
Eagle Drops Midshipman on Wharf  4/20/03
More Orca Visit Bold Bluff  4/13/03
Spring in Paradise  3/30/03
Freak March Snow Storm  3/15/03
Foggy Weather  1/27/03
Wild Wind Storm!  1/7/03
Christmas Tree Lament  12/11/02
November Walnuts  12/11/02
Killer Whales at Bold Bluff Retreat  9/14/02
Forest Fire in Sansum Narrows  9/4/02
Back from NY and Rescue in Sansum Narrows  9/2/02
Salt Spring Island BC: The Tipi  16/8/02
Gathering Kelp  8/8/02
Seal eats Salmon and the "Free Willy" Orca in Iceland  8/5/02
Springer, the orca calf, is home!!!  7/14/02
Summer Solstice and Springer the Orphaned Orca Calf Tamar 6/22/02
First Night in Tipi and Turkey Vultures Tamar 6/9/02
River Otter Eats Cod Tamar 5/28/02
Spring is Bursting and Killer Whale Sighting April 4, 2002 4/4/02
More March Snow! Tamar 3/22/02
March Snow and Salt Spring Dollars 3/8/02 3/9/02
The Cove a Mirror March 4, 2002 3/5/02
Excitement in Sansum Narrows 3/2/02 3/3/02
A Rainy Cove February 6, 2002 2/8/02
Snow is Gone, Eagles are Here Tamar 2/5/02
Bold Bluff Cove January 23, 2002 1/23/02

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